Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm in the Mood for Crafting

Well, it's been a month since I came here and I've been relaxing although my sister says i'm working up a storm. But in my reality, having the time to do whatever I want means creating things whether with sewing, knitting, or cross-stitching. I am reminiscing with friends I haven't seen in forever in my home town that I moved away from many, many (30) years ago. I am loving my visit even though there's lots of snow and as a matter of fact, it was snowing and blowing snow just today. Spring doesn't come early here but it's a slow pace of life .
Sooooo, like I said I've been busy with crafts and below are the pics to prove it. My daughter is having a little one in July so I made a simple flannellette blanket for her.
Then, I was at a local fabric /yarn store and couldn't resist the new type of yarn that, when you knit with it you have a ruffled effect so i bought two balls of this yarn and knit up these two beauties. One I'll keep and the other I'll give to my friend who doesn't knit but just loved the scarf the minute she saw it. The yarn is by Patons and it is called Pirouette. The pattern is on the back of the label.
The bottom scarf was done with Bernat's Twist and Twirl and again, the pattern is on the reverse side of the label.
My next endeavour was the one that took the longest and the prettiest. My sister's friend is having her first grandbaby and I knit this project for the friend.My sister is an outdoorsy person and is not into any sort of hobbies so she bought the yarn and I supplied the labor. Which I am only to happy to do for my sister, she's lovely.So here are the finished products below:
These are legwarmers knit using Bernat's Baby Jacquard, I also used the same yarn in the ruffle on the sweater, I also added a little knit bow at the neckline of the sweater. The legwarmer pattern was on the reverse of the yarn label and the wonderful pattern for this delicious little sweater was free on Ravelry site and I am so grateful to the person who supplied this pattern because I absolutely love it and I intend to be knitting more for Christmas presents for this year for all my grand girlies. Thank you, thank you dawn leeseman(designer of pattern) and crystal palace yarns. If anyone is interested in having this pattern I'll find the website and put it in here so you can go to it. I went on, joined as a member. It's a wonderful site.The little lamb is also a knit pattern that I came across years ago. It is from
 I found a fuzzy yarn at a dollar store in pink and that's what I used with some worsted weight white for his face, etc. The Jacquard yarn makes its own pattern, I love it .
I think I'll end my blog for today. I still have a couple of other projects I've completed in the past month but I'll leave that for another day. My wips right at the moment are:
3 baby diaper soakers, blue sheep to go with the blanket , wrist warmers for grandson. so till next time, hope you have a great day and here's a pic outside my window. Cheers!! ;o)
And thats March 2012.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

big changes in my life

well, i've made some massive changes and i think its for the better. Only time will tell. I put all my things in storage and am staying with my sister for a little while in a whole different province. I am so blessed to have been  able to do this, thanks to my gracious sister. I am opening up new adventures and getting to know old friends all over again. I am in my hometown that I grew up in and moved away from over 30 years ago. There's lots of snow here and not too much to do but this is what i need right now so that i can know what i want to do in my life. Don't worry I am still knitting of course, knitting is happiness to me. Have you ever noticed  that crafters are, for the most part, people who like their lives uncomplicated , are usually quite passionate about life, and of course,usually are in the midst of more than one project at any given time? I could be wrong on this but I don't think so from my many years of crafting (cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, sewing, one quilt) and by the way it was one of my best friends, a male, who taught me how to quilt.His mother was an avid quilter who got her children involved in her many quilts. So, now that i'm all settled in here for a while I will post on my adventures here and include some pics as well. My current project is a sweater for a baby girl that i got off ravelry and when I post a completed pic, then I will also include where I was lucky enough to get it from, and free I might add. God bless her for sharing such a beautiful pattern. Bye for now and be back here soon with my completed project.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Soooo....where did my motivation go???? OH here it is!

Sooo very long since I last blogged. Funny, cause I've been following my favorites but yet not writing in my own. Kind of lazy isn't it? Today I'd like to make a promise to self, " I will blog at least once a week if not more". Today is the beginning and here goes.
I love to thrift shop and I usually often find a great deal or two. Below is a picture two of these awesome deals.

I found about 12 of these balls of yarn at a salvation army thrift shop. They are acrylic and linen. Made in Germany and I just found this yarn interesting. I've started knitting a scarf called " Morning snack" that I found on this site because I really like that pattern,
The other idea I have is to make a simple dress for grandbaby. It is a piece of fleece material that I bought for 50 cents a couple years ago and held on to it all this time.

I have an idea from another store bought dress that she had on today. So in a few days I'll be back to show pictures of my accomplishments on this project.
I am hoping that by blogging about my projects that I will get the motivation to complete them. Till next time:
Thanks for stopping by .

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Viva la pillowcase!

I haven't started the project I spoke about on my previous blog but I will before the end of the week. The reason I haven't started on that one is due to my latest thrift shop find. It was the cutest little pillowcase and cost me 99cents. So I've been looking up tutorials for simple little dresses and lo and behold lots of gals have discovered such an easy way to make the cutest little items.....the simple little pillowcase. I thank all of you gals out there who have so generously posted tutorials on this pattern for little girl's dresses. So, even tho I should be in bed at almost midnite I am here to post a pic of my newest creation.....the first pillowcase dress by Nanny. And I know a six year old grand baby....errr...sorry....grand girl....who will have a huge smile for nanny and a look of excitement over the fact that nanny made her this dress.....YES ....that's what I'm talkin' bout....hee,hee.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Favorite Pastime

Well, here I am a long while since I posted my one and only post so far. One of my fave things to do is to go thrift shopping. I feel it serves many purposes. 1. you never know what treasure will be found . 2.It helps the environment in that it keeps these treasures out of the land fill. 3. It can inspire the imagination to make something wonderful out of something someone else loved but could not keep any longer for whatever reason. My passion is knitting and sewing so needless to say things related to these two hobbies are the things that excite me the most. So today I will share a pic of a 2 metre piece of material that is so pretty and which i was lucky enough to get for 75 cents. Today I'll decide what I will create with it and at the end of the week I'll share it here in my blog. And due to the fact that I am the proud Nanny of many little grand babies I would say it's a safe estimate to make that what I make will involve the reward of a little smile and a great big hug! Which is what I live for!!!!!!Here's the photo...I even took a close up of the fantastic price....

Silent Sunday

Monday, March 14, 2011

Where to Start

well, here it is, my first post on my blog. I've been busy trying to tidy up my craft room. My friend built a bookshelf for me last year and this year I decided that it would be my yarn display. I'm thinking that if my stash is in my face then maybe i'll be motivated to get knitting more often. Actually, I'm doing good lately with knitting two slouch hats and a baby blanket.